the garden

Of course the garden would be a lush maze full of beauty. Why wouldn’t it be? Everything about the house was perfect.

It would only be natural for him to have a perfect garden too. Not that he would tend to it, or even plan it for that matter.

But it would be perfect.

I nodded to him, excitement filling my being, when he mentioned he would need to use the restroom.

Alone, in the garden.

I squeezed between the two boxwood balls that decorated the beginning of a path. They were huge, probably centuries old, and larger than me. The gardener would need a ladder just to trim the tops.

The leaves pricked my arms gently, allowing me to pass through.

The pebbles beneath my feet crunched delightfully. I gave a quick glance behind me, back to the fountain where he had left, but there was no one. Surely I had time to explore quickly.

Succulents grew in large amber colored pots, their thick bodies filling spaces between high hedges and red flowering poppies.


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